Founded by Kennet Jonnson in 2010, gps-sweden is quickly becoming an expansive global consulting network.


The idea of GPS started many years ago, but the real kick-off was 2 years ago when founder and entrepreneur Kennet Jonsson decided it was time to take advantage of his global network of contacts in order to draw various parties together in a way which would benefit both of their businesses. Spending 33 years as business developer for IKEA, 22 years of which were abroad in an expat role, Kennet found himself starting up trading offices in Poland, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Indonesia. This vast network and experience has allowed GPS to maintain representatives in Sweden, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and India - with Sales offices in Sweden (where the company is registered), United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

  • GPS provides consultancy services on raw materials, furniture, parts, textile, ceramic, glass, and more.
  • GPSconnects buyers and manufacturing companies.
  • GPS provides different kinds of consultancy services like sourcing inception, transport, and documentation support translation.