GPS Consulting, a global network

specialising in connecting people across the globe



We provide Consultancy services on raw materials, furniture, parts, textile, ceramic, glass, and more.


We connect buyers and manufacturing companies all over the world.



We offer various kinds of consultancy services like sourcing inception, transport, and documentation support translation.

What We Offer


GPS, or Global Procurement Services, was formed in early 2010 with the aim of connecting parties from across the globe with one another. With our vast network of resources, over 30 years worth of industry experience, and a unique and transparent approach, you will quickly find yourselves wondering how you ever managed to make things work without us.

Our main strengths:

- Professional team

- Global network

- Local team who understands the language, culture, and local business behavior

- A big database of manufacturing companies, subcontractors, and raw material sources

- Keeping updated databases on transportation, raw material costs, anti-dumping situations, bigger investments/changes to the market


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